The Maritime Silk Road International Arts Festival held in Quanzhou Nov. 25

The 10-day Maritime Silk Road International Arts Festival (Culture City of East Asia 2014-Quanzhou Carnival) kicked off November 25 in Quanzhou of east China’s Fujian province.

Renowned as the starting point of the ancient Maritime Silk Road in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368 AD), Quanzhou was already an important port by the 5th century. It still is one of the most developed cities of China in private economy today. The city not only boasts a rich maritime history, but also a wide range of historical and cultural relics, which can be demonstrated through the fact that Quanzhou is among the first batch of 24 famous historic and cultural cities promulgated by the State Council, and was designated as an “East Asia City of Culture” in 2013 along with South Korea’s Gwangju and Japan’s Yokohama.

Cutural City of East Asia 2014, Quanzhou

Art troupes from Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Holland, Greece, Egypt, Germany, Britain, Italy, Denmark, Morocco and India, nearly 20 countries will show up at the festival.

Activities will include an academic seminar on the strategy of building the 21st Century Silk Road,  Arabic intangible cultural heritage exhibition, and the 1st Maritime Silk Road International Brands Trade Fair, also a cultural discovery tour of diplomats to Quanzhou is now underway.

 Hu Zhe from
 and China Daily Fujian Bureau also contributed to this report.

Cutural City of East Asia 2014, Quanzhou

About Quanzhou written in English by Dr. Bill Brown, American professor of Xiamen University MBA center

About Quanzhou in photos from Quanzhou Evening Newspaper
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