Architectural Elements, Architectural Decoration, Architectural Reliefs

architectural decorative 201214

architectural decorative 1102226

architectural decorative 13040811

architectural decorative AT12486

architectural decorative flower relief 110321

architectural elements AT124835

column capital modillion

window frame

Building Stones

Balustrade & Railings
Staircase Rail, Marble Balustrade, Granite Balustrade
Building & Walling
Walling, Facade, Masonry, Arches, Wall Panel
Column Base, Ionic, Roman, Doric, Pedestal
Pier Caps & Quoins
Parapet, Pier Cap, Capitals, Wall Coping, Quoin
Stairs & Steps
Stair Treads, Steps, Riser,Deck Stair, Threshold
Window Sills & Doors
Window Sill, Surround, Door Arch, Window Frame

Feel free to write to Mr. Evan Chang at for a quote on your natural stone projects. We export worldwide from Xiamen or Quanzhou port, less than 2 hrs south of our carving factory located in Chongwu Qian An Industrial Area, Hui’an county, Fujian province.

phone: 0086-13696940690
fax: 0086-595-87817605

skype: iStoneCarving
WeChat: ChangIdea
QQ: 1290355001
email: changidea@istonecarving

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