Hui’an Southern Sculpture Exhibition Opened 17th in Beijing, China


My cousin May in traditional Hui’an woman clothes at the Exhibition

“Heart Made Heavenly Match” 10-day-long Hui’an Southern Style Sculpture Art Exhibition kicked off on 17th Oct in the Hall 11, north on the 3rd floor of National Museum of China, Beijing. Total of 108 pieces by 55 sculptors in stone, wood and jade are on exhibition.


In China’s sculpture circle we have such a saying as ” North Quyang and South Hui’an”. Quyang is in northern China’s Hebei province, and my hometown Hui’an, you may already know, is in southeastern China’s Fujian province across from Taiwan.


Hui’an Stone Carving can be dated back to the period of 5 Dynasties 1100 years ago. In the year of 2003, Hui’an was awarded the name as ” The Stone Carving Capital of China” by China Arts and Crafts Association, and 2015 the name as “The Stone Carving Capital of the World” by World Crafts Council.


You are welcome to contact Evan at whenever you are in China and have an interest to view how a block of granite is carved into a 3-D sculpture in our factory in Hui’an, Quanzhou.

National Museum of China, Beijing

National Museum of China, Beijing

2 thoughts on “Hui’an Southern Sculpture Exhibition Opened 17th in Beijing, China

  1. 12 pieces of the sculptures exhibited last month in the National Museum of China, Beijing by craftsmen from my native town Fujian Province’s Hui’an County were selected and permanently collected by the Museum.

    According to Quanzhou Evening News, curator LV Zhangshen said,” Hui’an is a place rich in historical and cultural heritages, skilled artisans coming one after another, with a lot of amazing works of sculpture. This date of today should be written into the Annals of Hui’an County. It’s how remarkable a thing! It’s a more than 1000 years of accumulation. Today it arrives at the moment of the greatest glory. ”

    Source in Chinese mandarin:


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