Sculptor Haibo carving a bowl in granite




20170311HB哥弟亲自动手过程You won’t hear Haibo’s name for 1st time if you are a frequent reader of this blog or my facebook or twitter. Haibo’s father and my father are very good friends so I have known him since he was a little kid. He loves music and arts and began his career as a stone carver when he finished his junior high school, and since has spent most of his time in Southeast China’s Yunnan Province in a village between beautiful Lijiang and Dali.

The above granite carved bowl is a recent work of his.

Click on this link on Youtube to watch it on video. 
And this.

Your comments are very welcome.

Contact: Evan Chang
Company Name: ARCHI STONE
Address: Chongwu Qian-an Industrial Zone, Jianming Stone Park
         Hui'an county, Quanzhou city, Fujian province 362131 China
Skype: iStoneCarving
Phone: +86-136969-40690

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