2017 the 12th China Xiamen Buddhist Items & Crafts (Autumn) Fair

The 12th China Xiamen International Buddhist Items & Crafts Fair ends today on Oct. 16, 2017 in beautiful city Xiamen across from Taiwan.

Below are some pictures of budda statues, pagodas, lamps & lanterns, incense burners, temple architecture and decoration made of granite and other stone material taken at the show.

e7acace58d81e4ba8ce5b18ae4b8ade59bbde58ea6e997a8e59bbde99985e4bd9be4ba8be794a8e59381e7a78be5ada3e5b195e8a788e4bc9a11.jpg2017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 12017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 22017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 32017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 42017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 52017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 62017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 72017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 112017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 14 太平洋第十二届中国厦门国际佛事用品(秋季)展览会4

2017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 21 haibo2017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 22 haibo2017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 23 haibo2017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 24 haibo2017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 25 haibo

#惠安石雕 第12届中国厦门国际佛事用品(秋季)展览会

Stone sculptor Haibo also contributes to these great photos.

Evan ZHANG Ya-ming

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