How come stone lantern appeared twice in 森海渡’s talent show The Brain

You won’t imagine what excitement and familiarity I had when I caught sight of the stone lantern twice in a 2-minute movie clip of introducing 森海渡 from University of Tokyo, known as Prince of IQ in 2016 Nihon No.1 King of Brain, who was challenging China’s YANG Yi, a post graduate of Tsinghua University, Beijing, for the title “King of the Brain” in 6th April’s The Brain, a scientific reality and talent show in China’s Nanking.最强大脑之燃烧吧大脑Super Brain-The Brain 2018-4-6国际赛最终战中日对决东京大学森海渡“最佳拼搏奖”

最强大脑 2018-4-6国际赛“IQ怪兽”森海渡1997年生东京大学法律系在读2016年《头脑王》8强

Figure 1 &2 are the screenshot of China’s television show “The Brain” Season 5 where Japan’s Prince of IQ 森海渡 reading before stone lantern.

Anteng Stone yard
Figure 3,4 and 5 are taken in our factory yard based in southeast China’s Huian county, the World Capital of Stone Carving.

Our carving factory has fabricated this specific kind of garden item for Japanese customers since 20 years ago. And those stone lanterns in the pictures have become part of our yard, not for sale.

I didn’t really know what it means to 森海渡, but for me, the stone lanterns give me peace of mind.Through them I communicate with nature and the sky.

Anteng Stone 35

Last, feel free to contact Evan at 
or phone at 0086-13696940690 
whenever you want an exquisitely-crafted stone lantern for your garden.

Anteng Stone 31 Office

圖1、圖2 :



HY 灯笼 201407125




#惠安石雕 20年前我們就開始為日本客戶製作石燈籠這種日本人鐘愛的園林裝飾物件,從1.5尺高到13尺高,春日灯篭、蘭渓灯篭、六角雪見灯篭、善導寺、十三重の塔、古代雪見灯篭、歓修寺灯篭、草屋、織部灯篭、天下茶屋灯篭,各種大小型石燈籠

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