“Huian Stone Carving” makes 4th MSREXPO, Quanzhou, China


Focusing on “the New Silk Road, the new cooperation, the new integration” The 4th China (Quanzhou) Maritime Silk Road International Brand Expo (MSREXPO 2018) came to a successful end today, which kicked off on 18th April in Quanzhou’s Shishi, one of China’s biggest town at making shoes and clothing, half an hour drive through a cross-sea bridge from our stone carving and architecture ornament products factory based in Chongwu, Hui’an.

As a world-known name card of our city Quanzhou, “Hui’an Stone Carving” as a whole appeared at this expo. Our exquisite craftsmanship, not surprisingly, caught the eye of professional purchasers and visitors from home and abroad again.


Interested to know more about our hand-carved stone products, you’re welcome to visit the official website of MSREXPO 2018 http://www.msrexpo.cn/en/zone/206.html, also other beautiful products ceramics made in De-hua, incense lore in Yong-chun, tea and rattan furniture in An-xi, intelligent manufacturing, tourism as an ancient but energetic city with 2000+ years history, etc.

    #惠安石雕 亮相第四届中国(泉州)海上丝绸之路国际品牌博览会

——————- CONTACT —————–

Last but not least, feel free to contact Evan ZHANG Ya-ming by email istonecarving@gmail.com or WhatsApp at (0086) 13696940690 or Skype: istonecarving, and QQ: 1290355001, also WeChat: changidea, when you are in mainland China and want to pay a visit to our stone sculpture factory in southeast Fujian province across from Taiwan island.

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