2018 annual convention of Architectural Society of China in my city Quanzhou

PowerPoint 演示文稿

The 2018 Annual Convention of the Architectural Society of China closed yesterday on May 20th in my home city Quanzhou (Zayton). Among 800+ attendees were eight academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering and eleven Masters of National Engineering Survey and Design.

Secretary ZHONG Ji-shou presided over the opening ceremony on the morning of May 19.


District head of Licheng (Carp-shaped city, downtown Quanzhou) XU Hong-cheng, Deputy director of Housing and Urban-rural Development Department of Fujian province JIANG Jin-ming, Vice mayor of Quanzhou Municipal Government ZHANG Yong-ning, one of the 9 winners of 2001 the 1st Liang Sicheng Architecture Prize HE Jing-tang, vice president of ASC ZHAO Qi, and head of the Office of Quanzhou Ancient City LI Bo-qun, from left to right, above, jointly launched an initiative called “Lighting the Homeland” , which will choose 20 buildings of traditional style and features in Quanzhou’s West Street area for 10 design teams to renovate, expert panel headed by academician HE Jing-tang will then offer technical guidance and decide the Schematic Design Award and Construction Achievement Award in the final.


Following the opening ceremony, Dean LIU Jia-ping of College of Architecture at Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology chaired the keynote symposium, where Academician NIE Jian-guo, Academician CUI Kai, Professor LI Xiao-jiang, and Researcher WANG Jun at the Palace Museum each delivered a wonderful speech respectively.


When asked about the impressions of Quanzhou, Academician CUI Kai, above, said he likes the city with not only long history and deep culture also very beautiful natural surroundings. He gladly saw well-preserved objects of primitive ecology in Luo-Yang Ancient Stone Bridge constructed in the year of 1053 and those old streets, which is distinct from other tourist places.


“Tribute to Chinese Classics” the 20th-century Chinese Architectural Heritage exhibition opened at WEI YUAN LOU built in about 1300 years ago on May 17 until the month end, which displayed 198 items of classic Chinese architecture works and 50 architects behind it by means of graphics and documents.






———— Proud to live in Quanzhou ————–

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