Contemporary China North and South Stone Carving Art Touring Exhibition, Hui’an Nov 9, 2018-Feb 9, 2019


Contemporary China North and South Stone Carving Art Touring Exhibition opened in my town Hui’an in southeast China’s Fujian province on November 9, 2018 at Dingli Art Gallery, sponsored by China National Arts Fund, hosted by Sculpture Department of Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts.

清华大学美术学院雕塑系书记、博导 巡展总策

Mr. LI He, from Tsinghua University, the Chief Curator of this Touring Exhibition, was making a speech at the Opening Ceremony at Dingli Art Gallery.


The sculpture by the poster board is a woman in traditional garment of my hometown Hui’an.

嘉宾及艺术爱好者观展 东南网记者 潘贤利 摄

The program was launched in July 18 at Tsinghua University, which is to promote the spirit of the craftsmen through the exchange and evaluation of the beautiful works of the North and South stone carvings.


The exhibition will stay in my home Hui’an until February 9 and also tour to Enjoy Art Museum in Beijing 798 Art Zone, and the Hebei Quyang stone carving non-material cultural heritage museum until the month of April.

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Due to the differences in regional environment and culture, the process and style have distinct differences. The North’s large-scale stone carvings emphasize block surfaces and  the momentum of carving, most combined with architecture. The Southern carvings are mostly used as articles for amusement, furnishings and displays, and the decorative patterns on the building, exquisitely and intelligently, with auspicious meaning.

Above,  the Contemporary China North and South Stone Carving Art Exhibition Exchange Symposium, Nov.9 4 pm, Hui’an Dingli Art Gallery

A total of about 50 artists attended the event on the theme of “Regional Character and Industry Development of Chinese Stone Carving Art “.

Photo of lower middle is Mr. WANG Xiang-rong, the Hui’an curator and founder of Dingli Art Gallery.





If you like to see how carvings and sculptures are being made by hand and chisels in our stone carving factory, feel free to write to me:

Evan ZHANG Ya-ming

Chongwu Long-xi Industry Zone, Jianming Park, Hui'an
Quanzhou, Fujian 362131 China 中国
Phone & WhatsApp: +86 136969 40690
QQ: 1290355001
WeChat: changidea
Skype: istonecarving


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