ARCHI STONE begin to accept enquiries


Our Fujian-based factory resumes today and is entirely ready to handle orders after this tough Spring Festival holidays across mainland China.

Haibo workshop 202001

Luckily the noval coronavirus has been under control and workers, freight forwarders and customs officers included, of course, are coming back to their jobs. Please don’t worry about China’s situation and thank you very much for all your concerns and support.

Anteng Statue Fortune Kid 202001

As usual, our delivery date will be 20-30 days after receiving your down payment.
FOB Xiamen, China or EXW Chongwu.
Your enquiries are very welcome and will be replied within 3 business days.

Anteng Gate 202001


Evan ZHANG Ya-ming

Jian-ming Stone Park, Chongwu Qian-an Industrial Zone, Hui'an
Quanzhou, Fujian 362131 China
Phone: +86 136969 40690
Fax: +86 595 8781 7605 (From outside mainland China)
          0595-8781 7605 (From outside Quanzhou city)

QQ: 1290355001
WeChat: changidea
Skype: istonecarving

#惠安石雕 #泉州欣楷石業有限公司 #福建安騰園林古建裝飾有限公司

map wuhan-quanzhou

  • A: Wuhan, Hubei, the 2019-nCoV source
  • B: Quanzhou, Fujian, our factory’s location
  • C: Xiamen, Fujian, our loading port
世衛及美國疾控中心均表示截至目前無任何報告表明#武漢新冠肺炎 病毒會停留在來自中國的包裹或進口貨品上。

FAQ on #2019-nCoV  noval coronavirus in central China’s Wuhan city:

WHO Twitter#2019CoV

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