Japan Tombstone Shop call on China factory to resume sooner


Manager 井岡進 of a Tokyo-based stone shop named 武蔵石材店 told ANN Japan that his shop had a shortage of tombstone because stone factories in Hui’an couldn’t resume production yet affected by COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic broke out this January in central China’s Wuhan, also, 5 of his clients were waiting for those monuments.


Following the Beijing News, another south China-based brilliant press Nanfang Metropolis Daily March 4th made an interview with Huian’s Stone Carving Association director Mr. WANG Zhi-gang. According to WANG, 95% of  gravestone supply in Nihon are imported from Hui’an, i.e., my home town, a place with a good reputation as China’s Capital of Stone Carving that American Prof. Bill Brown of Xiamen University MBA Center mentioned about Hui’an Art on his book Amoy Magic “everybody there is born an artist.”

Please don’t worry!

Quite a number of stone products companies including my factory have already started by February 20th since Hui’an is not a hard-hit region that as of today we only had 2 confirmed cases and both had been cured and left hospital respectively on Feb. 26 and March 2. Headstone wholesale distributors in Japan expect to receive their orders 3-4 weeks later.

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