Recent Relief project for a classical Chinese ancestral temple

These months we have been busy making relief plaques for the outside walls of a bigger-size traditional Chinese style building located in southern China’s Guangdong, which people call it Zong Ci in mandarin, but its function actually is beyond a temple, more like something for people from the same ancestor to meet and chat on a daily basis.

We are very happy to accept this big order. Relief carving is what we are best at. Our co-founder Haiwei had been working as a first line stone carver for more than 20 years before our company was officially registered. So we have zero tolerance of a carving of bad workmanship.

These relievo plates are of blue stone material. We carve it by hand using chisels and hammers and hand-held drills.

I will post some of them below. It’s suggested to zoom in in order to find the details of our craftsmanship.

You are welcome to visit us and have a cup of tea if you happen to travel in southeast China. Our town has a very beautiful sea view. I believe you will like it.

evan ZHANG Ya-ming
Chongwu Qian-an Industrial Zone, Jian-ming Stone Park
Hui'an, Quanzhou, Fujian 362131
email: or
Mobile phone: 0086-13696940690
Wechat: changidea
QQ: 1290355001
Skype: istonecarving

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