Large Granite Buddhist Statues by China-based ArchiStone

If you really want an exact answer to what our speciality is I think I can’t give you one.
In fact, our carvers are great at carving everything on natural stone materials to your desing drawings or even just a piece of photo.
An author wrote in his book about our stonemasons as “here everyone is a born artist.” I totally agree that.

The man on the 3rd picture is my brother Emin. He’s responsible for all the production procedure in our company based in southeast China’s Fujian Province.

You are welcome to leave a message below or write an email to me at if you like a quotation from me or just like to say you like our hand-carved stone statues.

Carving Competitions in my home Hui’an in the remaining months

The longlist of 60 is announced and will compete for the1st Buddhist Culture Sculpture Creative Skills Competition of Fujian province in 3 categories of stone carving, wood carving, and ceramics from 13-19 October in my town of Chongwu, Hui’an, Quanzhou.

The 3rd National Stone-shadow Carving Creative Onsite Skills Competition will take place from 8-11 November at Huian Carving Art Park in my home town.

Feel free to contact Evan Chang when you’re around in southeast China’s Fujian province and have an interest in paying a visit to the events.

Phone: +86 136969 40690
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#第三届全国影雕创作现场技能大赛 #福建省首届佛文化雕塑创作技能大赛 #惠安石雕 #泉州欣楷石业有限公司 #福建安腾园林古建装饰有限公司 #惠安山兴石制品厂

Recent Relief project for a classical Chinese ancestral temple

These months we have been busy making relief plaques for the outside walls of a bigger-size traditional Chinese style building located in southern China’s Guangdong, which people call it Zong Ci in mandarin, but its function actually is beyond a temple, more like something for people from the same ancestor to meet and chat on a daily basis.

We are very happy to accept this big order. Relief carving is what we are best at. Our co-founder Haiwei had been working as a first line stone carver for more than 20 years before our company was officially registered. So we have zero tolerance of a carving of bad workmanship.

These relievo plates are of blue stone material. We carve it by hand using chisels and hammers and hand-held drills.

I will post some of them below. It’s suggested to zoom in in order to find the details of our craftsmanship.

You are welcome to visit us and have a cup of tea if you happen to travel in southeast China. Our town has a very beautiful sea view. I believe you will like it.

evan ZHANG Ya-ming
Chongwu Qian-an Industrial Zone, Jian-ming Stone Park
Hui'an, Quanzhou, Fujian 362131
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View our Haibo sculpting statue on stone

My frequent readers should have not been a stranger to the name of “Haibo”, the sculptor on this video, who is also a family friend, we knew each other since childhood.

After high school he entered into the stone carving industry drawing sketches on granite blocks. And for these recent years he spent more time between Dali and Lijiang, very fantastic tourist cities in the southwest of China.

Plus, he is also a great singer and can play several different musical instruments. You will have a wonderful day if you bump into him in Yunnan, also our hometown Hui’an, “the Stone Carving Capital of China” of course.


For quotes and estimates for your stone project



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Japan Tombstone Shop call on China factory to resume sooner


Manager 井岡進 of a Tokyo-based stone shop named 武蔵石材店 told ANN Japan that his shop had a shortage of tombstone because stone factories in Hui’an couldn’t resume production yet affected by COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic broke out this January in central China’s Wuhan, also, 5 of his clients were waiting for those monuments.


Following the Beijing News, another south China-based brilliant press Nanfang Metropolis Daily March 4th made an interview with Huian’s Stone Carving Association director Mr. WANG Zhi-gang. According to WANG, 95% of  gravestone supply in Nihon are imported from Hui’an, i.e., my home town, a place with a good reputation as China’s Capital of Stone Carving that American Prof. Bill Brown of Xiamen University MBA Center mentioned about Hui’an Art on his book Amoy Magic “everybody there is born an artist.”

Please don’t worry!

Quite a number of stone products companies including my factory have already started by February 20th since Hui’an is not a hard-hit region that as of today we only had 2 confirmed cases and both had been cured and left hospital respectively on Feb. 26 and March 2. Headstone wholesale distributors in Japan expect to receive their orders 3-4 weeks later.

#惠安石雕 #日式墓碑石
#新冠病毒 #COVID-19 #coronavirus




Evan ZHANG Ya-ming

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New Date for 20th Xiamen Stone Fair

Xiamen Stone Fair Official Webpage

This year’s China (Xiamen) International Stone Fair is rescheduled for early June, which should have been held early March, because of the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic in central China’s Wuhan and beyond.

As of March 5, there’s no new case report for the 18th consecutive day in Xiamen. And from the update China has entirely controlled its spread.

Let’s meet again in warm and safe June.






Evan ZHANG Ya-ming

Jian-ming Stone Park, Chongwu Qian-an Industrial Zone, Hui'an
Quanzhou, Fujian 362131 China
Phone: +86 136969 40690
Fax: +86 595 8781 7605 (From outside mainland China)
          0595-8781 7605 (From outside Quanzhou city)

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ARCHI STONE begin to accept enquiries


Our Fujian-based factory resumes today and is entirely ready to handle orders after this tough Spring Festival holidays across mainland China.

Haibo workshop 202001

Luckily the noval coronavirus has been under control and workers, freight forwarders and customs officers included, of course, are coming back to their jobs. Please don’t worry about China’s situation and thank you very much for all your concerns and support.

Anteng Statue Fortune Kid 202001

As usual, our delivery date will be 20-30 days after receiving your down payment.
FOB Xiamen, China or EXW Chongwu.
Your enquiries are very welcome and will be replied within 3 business days.

Anteng Gate 202001


Evan ZHANG Ya-ming

Jian-ming Stone Park, Chongwu Qian-an Industrial Zone, Hui'an
Quanzhou, Fujian 362131 China
Phone: +86 136969 40690
Fax: +86 595 8781 7605 (From outside mainland China)
          0595-8781 7605 (From outside Quanzhou city)

QQ: 1290355001
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#惠安石雕 #泉州欣楷石業有限公司 #福建安騰園林古建裝飾有限公司

map wuhan-quanzhou

  • A: Wuhan, Hubei, the 2019-nCoV source
  • B: Quanzhou, Fujian, our factory’s location
  • C: Xiamen, Fujian, our loading port
世衛及美國疾控中心均表示截至目前無任何報告表明#武漢新冠肺炎 病毒會停留在來自中國的包裹或進口貨品上。

FAQ on #2019-nCoV  noval coronavirus in central China’s Wuhan city:

WHO Twitter#2019CoV

The 5th China (Hui’an) International Carving Art Fair closed yesterday in my town

The 4-day-long 5th China (Hui’an) International Carving Art Fair closed yesterday on 12 November in Hui’an Carving Art Park in coastal southeastern China’s Fujian provinve, 15 minutes drive away from our Chongwu-based stone carving factory.


Some figures of this year’s carving art fair:

200+ exhibitors from 10 countries and 10+ provinces and regions of China
60,000㎡ Exhibit Space
652 standard booths
40 featured activities

Let me show you some pictures of how the exciting event looks as below:


Floor Plan of 1st Floor: 

Yellow: Stone Carving Art Exhibition Area
Light Blue: Wood Carving Art Exhibition Area
Purple: Building Components Exhibition Area
Orange: Machinery & Tools Exhibition Area
Grey: Large-scale Stone Sculpture Exhibition Area


Floor Plan of 2nd Floor:

Green: International, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Area
Yellow: Stone Carving Art Area
Grey: Other Carving Art Area
Dark Blue: Jade Carving Art Area
Light Blue: Wood Carving Art Area

Opening Ceremony


Some of Featured Events included:
3、”Carving Art Cup” Work of Art Awards Appraisal


4、Gravestones and Steles Inscription Skills Competition
5、Tea Set Engaving Designs Contest
9、Top Arts and Crafts Masters from Huian and Taiwan Carving Art Seminar
10、China and Japan Stone Material Meetup
13、Crafts Collection Business Matching
14、Sculpting and Carving Artworks Business Matching
15、Architectural Ornament Business Matching
16、Home Decorations Business Matching


17、 Entries Show of Traditional Carving Art Competition


18、Entries Show of Stone Shadow Carving Skills Competition

19、Work Exhibition of College Graduates Stone Carving Creation Camp

Wood Carving Live performance Show



Live Sketch

Exhibitors & Visitors


Let’s meet again next November!



Evan ZHANG Ya-ming

Chongwu Qian-an Industrial Zone Hui'an
Quanzhou, Fujian 362131 China
Phone: +86 136969 40690
Fax: +86 595 8781 7605 (From outside mainland China)
          0595-8781 7605 (From outside Quanzhou city)

QQ: 1290355001
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Shadow Carving Queen LI Ya-hua featured One Day of Xiamen-ese


Ms LI Ya-hua, founder of Huihe Stone Cultural Park in Xiamen, praised as the Queen of Shadow Carving, featured in the 99th episode of One Day of Xiamen-ese for, Xiamen’s official news portal.


Shadow Carving is one category of Hui’an Stone Carving, said to be developed over 300 years ago. Ms LI Ya-hua grew up in our hometown Hui’an county and moved to Xiamen when she followed her father on the construction of  “Southern Fujian Stone Carving Museum” Turtle Garden in Xiamen’s Jimei funded by Singaporean industiralist Mr. Tan Kah Kee, founder of Jimei School Village and Xiamen University.


Dressed in traditional Hui’an women’s clothes, Ms LI was demonstrating this our hometown Hui’an-only skill , which we call “shadow carving”, on a hematite stone board in the presence of Russian President Putin and President XI Jin-ping during 2017 BRICS Summit in southeast China’s Xiamen.


LI Ya-hua now spends more time on training students for the carving skills.


For more photos about LI’s one day life, please visit at, Xiamen’s official news portal.



Xiamen is located on the west coast of Taiwan Straits. It’s also the host city of China Xiamen International Stone Fair that has been held for 19 consecutive years since 2001.


—— Factory Visit Invitation ——–

Our carving factory is located in Hui’an county near the middle of  Xiamen-Fuzhou expressway, about 40 minutes from Jinjiang and downtown Quanzhou, with very convenient transportation. So feel free to contact me when you’re around and intereted in how our carvers work on a hard stone by hand and chisel.

Phone: 0086-13696940690
QQ: 1290355001
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2019 China (Xiamen) Int’l Stone Fair Highlights

xiamen stone fair 2019三个数据

Couldn’t believe the China (Xiamen) International Stone Fair has walked through 19 years, which becomes stronger and a pleasant place sellers, buyers, architects, designers and friends in the stone industry came to meet.

Below are some pictures of the Fair at southeast China’s Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center by the Organizer.

Booth Setup 20190303 Outdoor 3

Booth Setup & Decoration

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WSC World Stone Congress

WSC 201903071

Some figures about this year’s China (xiamen) International Stone Fair:

  • 6 Exhibition Areas
  • 25 Exhibition Halls
  • Over 2,000 exhibitors from 57 countries and regions
  • 11 country-level exhibitor groups
  • 56 globe-known master architects
  • 50 forum sessions
  • 50 new products launch out here @xsf新品发布会2019 Launch out @XSF

Global Master Architects Forum 20190306 Huang Sheng-Yuan 3

The 10th Global Master Architects Forum


Press Conference - Squash the Rumor of Radiation in Stone 201903062

Press Conference: Squash the Rumor of Radiation in Stone

Hans-Dieter Hensel, Australia,Radiation and Radon in Natural Stone – Setting the Record Straight

Radiation and Radon in Natural Stone – Setting the Record Straight
by Hans-Dieter Hensel, Hensel Geosciences, Australia

Beauty of Stone Lifestyle - Defining the Uniqueness 201903072

Beauty of Stone Lifestyle: Defining the Uniqueness

Product Design with Natural Stone 201903076

Product Design with Natural Stone

Using Stone in Commercial Projects-Build up Cooperation with Architects 201903082

Using Stone in Commercial Projects: Build up Cooperation with Architects

Инновации в китайской камнеобработке. Новые возможности для стран СНГ by Xiamen Pagoda-Build 201903086

Инновации в китайской камнеобработке. Новые возможности для стран СНГ.      by Xiamen Pagoda-Build Co., Ltd

More photos from WSC

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Exhibitsstone infinite

exhibit 201903 bathroom designexhibit 201903 bullexhibit 201903 cabinetexhibit 201903 clockexhibit 201903 desk lampexhibit 201903 dinning roomexhibit 201903 hatexhibit 201903 vase flowerexhibit 201903 vaseexhibit highlight 2019034exhibit highlight 2019036exhibit highlight 20190313exhibit highlight 20190315exhibit highlight 20190317exhibit highlight 20190318exhibit highlight 20190322

stone design 201903 bathtubstone infinite & wsc 20190307 exhibit 4

More Exhibits

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Machinery & Tools

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Exhibitors & Visitors


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See you next March. 

And whenever you need help and assistance feel free to write to me


Evan ZHANG Ya-Ming


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