2017 the 12th China Xiamen Buddhist Items & Crafts (Autumn) Fair

The 12th China Xiamen International Buddhist Items & Crafts Fair ends today on Oct. 16, 2017 in beautiful city Xiamen across from Taiwan.

Below are some pictures of budda statues, pagodas, lamps & lanterns, incense burners, temple architecture and decoration made of granite and other stone material taken at the show.

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2017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 21 haibo2017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 22 haibo2017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 23 haibo2017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 24 haibo2017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 25 haibo

#惠安石雕 第12届中国厦门国际佛事用品(秋季)展览会

Stone sculptor Haibo also contributes to these great photos.

Evan ZHANG Ya-ming


Media Reports about 2017 the 17th Xiamen Stone Fair

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Our sales manager of home business Chiang met President Trump at the 17th Xiamen Stone Fair, which takes place every March, with 9,300 booths this year.

Chiang & President Trump at 2017 Xiamen Stone Fair 20170307

Contact Evan if you are interested in more details about how to attend next year’s China Xiamen International Stone Fair as an exhibitor or just a visitor

The 17th China Stone Fair to open in Xiamen today

stonefair-weibo20170303The 17th China Xiamen International Stone Fair kicked off today 6th March, with 180,000㎡ Exhibit Space, 2,000+ enterprise exhibitors from 56 countries, and 150,000+ trade buyers from 154 countries & regions to be expected for the all 4 days, 30+ professional purchasing groups from France, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Iran, Japan, Korea, Cambodia and Thailand included

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Why Xiamen Stone Fair?



Click on the following links to know about the schedule:



Huian Stone Carving at the 9th Cross-strait (Xiamen) Cultural Industries Fair

At the 4-day-long 9th Cross-strait (Xiamen) Cultural Industries Fair that opened on November 4 in Xiamen, the female stone artisans from my hometown Hui An, the “Stone Carving Capital of the World” in Quanzhou known as the start of the Maritime Silk Road, displayed their incredible shadow carving skills on blue stone, also well-fabricated stone tea boards.


Photo by TAN Mingxin


Hui’an Southern Sculpture Exhibition Opened 17th in Beijing, China


My cousin May in traditional Hui’an woman clothes at the Exhibition

“Heart Made Heavenly Match” 10-day-long Hui’an Southern Style Sculpture Art Exhibition kicked off on 17th Oct in the Hall 11, north on the 3rd floor of National Museum of China, Beijing. Total of 108 pieces by 55 sculptors in stone, wood and jade are on exhibition.


In China’s sculpture circle we have such a saying as ” North Quyang and South Hui’an”. Quyang is in northern China’s Hebei province, and my hometown Hui’an, you may already know, is in southeastern China’s Fujian province across from Taiwan.


Hui’an Stone Carving can be dated back to the period of 5 Dynasties 1100 years ago. In the year of 2003, Hui’an was awarded the name as ” The Stone Carving Capital of China” by China Arts and Crafts Association, and 2015 the name as “The Stone Carving Capital of the World” by World Crafts Council.


You are welcome to contact Evan at iStoneCarving@gmail.com whenever you are in China and have an interest to view how a block of granite is carved into a 3-D sculpture in our factory in Hui’an, Quanzhou.

National Museum of China, Beijing

National Museum of China, Beijing

Cross-strait Sculpture Art Exhibition, Aug. 26-29 in Chongwu, Quanzhou

4-day-long Cross-strait Sculpture Art Exhibition opened on August 26 at Ask Stone Art Gallery in Hui’an county of southeastern Fujian province on the western shore of the Taiwan Strait, co-hosted by Hui’an Government and Taichung Sculpture Association.

Dingli Ask Stone Art Gallery, Hui'an

Dingli Ask Stone Art Gallery, Hui’an

Cross-strait Sculpture Art Exhibition DL15082618

This Exhibition displayed over 110 pieces of sculptures by 81 artists, including China’s national-level master sculptors HUANG Quanfu, ZHENG Guomin, WANG Jingmin and WANG Xiangrong from Hui’an, and 柯錦中謝棟樑Tongliang Hsieh、 邱泰洋、and 李文武 from Taichung.

Cross-strait Sculpture Art Exhibition HA1508293

Cross-strait Sculpture Art Exhibition HA15082912

Cross-strait Sculpture Art Exhibition TW1508297

Cross-strait Sculpture Art Exhibition TW15082912

Cross-strait Sculpture Art Exhibition TW1508296

Cross-strait Sculpture Art Exhibition TW1508299

2015 “Beautiful China, Kunlun Spirit” Xining Urban Sculpture Contest

Princess mun chang kung co, Tang Dynasty

Open to anyone, individual and company from both home and abroad

Deadline to submit draft design: April 15, 2015
download Entry Form by clicking on the link http://www.aocs.org.cn/portal.php?mod=attachment&id=792


  1. Sculptures that reflect the Kunlun Mountains as the root of culture;
  2. Sculptures that reflect the core content of Kunlun myth;
  3. Sculptures with content of national culture, Buddhism, Taoism culture, folklore and folk culture.


Xīníng is the capital of Qinghai province in western China, and the largest city on the Tibetan Plateau, with a history of over 2,100 years.


Mount. Riyue Sun Moon

The awarding ceremony will be held in July, 2015.
Prizes (pre-tax in RMB):
Grand Prize 1 150,000
Gold Award 3 100,000
Silver Award 5 50,000
Bronze Award 20 10,000
Excellence Award 178 Award certificate

The People’s Government of Xining Municipality
Association of Chinese Sculptor

For more details please visit the official AOCS website

http://www.aocs.org.cn/portal.php?mod=view&aid=605 in English language

http://www.aocs.org.cn/portal.php?mod=view&aid=585&page=1 in Chinese language.