2018 annual convention of Architectural Society of China in my city Quanzhou

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The 2018 Annual Convention of the Architectural Society of China closed yesterday on May 20th in my home city Quanzhou (Zayton). Among 800+ attendees were eight academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering and eleven Masters of National Engineering Survey and Design.

Secretary ZHONG Ji-shou presided over the opening ceremony on the morning of May 19.


District head of Licheng (Carp-shaped city, downtown Quanzhou) XU Hong-cheng, Deputy director of Housing and Urban-rural Development Department of Fujian province JIANG Jin-ming, Vice mayor of Quanzhou Municipal Government ZHANG Yong-ning, one of the 9 winners of 2001 the 1st Liang Sicheng Architecture Prize HE Jing-tang, vice president of ASC ZHAO Qi, and head of the Office of Quanzhou Ancient City LI Bo-qun, from left to right, above, jointly launched an initiative called “Lighting the Homeland” , which will choose 20 buildings of traditional style and features in Quanzhou’s West Street area for 10 design teams to renovate, expert panel headed by academician HE Jing-tang will then offer technical guidance and decide the Schematic Design Award and Construction Achievement Award in the final.


Following the opening ceremony, Dean LIU Jia-ping of College of Architecture at Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology chaired the keynote symposium, where Academician NIE Jian-guo, Academician CUI Kai, Professor LI Xiao-jiang, and Researcher WANG Jun at the Palace Museum each delivered a wonderful speech respectively.


When asked about the impressions of Quanzhou, Academician CUI Kai, above, said he likes the city with not only long history and deep culture also very beautiful natural surroundings. He gladly saw well-preserved objects of primitive ecology in Luo-Yang Ancient Stone Bridge constructed in the year of 1053 and those old streets, which is distinct from other tourist places.


“Tribute to Chinese Classics” the 20th-century Chinese Architectural Heritage exhibition opened at WEI YUAN LOU built in about 1300 years ago on May 17 until the month end, which displayed 198 items of classic Chinese architecture works and 50 architects behind it by means of graphics and documents.






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Fashionable 2018 Xiamen Buddhist Fair Spring

Buddhist items and crafts also have style in this Spring’s China Xiamen International Buddhist Items & Crafts Fair being held during May 10-14. Photo by KANG.16878 #厦门国际佛事用品展

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Screenshot Shortlist of 120 of Weifang Urban Sculpture Competition


International Urban Sculpture Originality Competition of Weifang High-Tech Zone launched in November 2017 in east China’s Shandong, at which a total of over 1.1 millions US dollar will be divided up by all 120 winners

  1. The shortlist of 105+15 for the competition came out on 22 April as said on the above screetshot from their official website.
  •  A copy of all names in non-Chinese character from the list as below:
Maria Grazia COLLINI Dialogue
Liliya Pobornikova Butterfly
Milton Ramon Estrella Gavidia project 3
Alessio Ranaldi Focus
Vincent Xie 和谐
Odysseas Tosounidis Dryad
Jörg Plickat Part 1
Simona De Lorenzo Space

  Congratulations to all shortlisted artists!

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Want the whole list you’re welcome to write to me Evan ZHANG Ya-ming, the admin of this Stone Report blog, via email at istonecarving@gmail.com

And some of you may know our southeast China-based factory is great at hand-carved granite and other stone items so feel free to contact me if you need help with your model of raw stone material, fabrication and delivery. IMPORTANT! It’s not a friendship job. You know we have to survive too. What we can guarantee is a cash prize of not less than RMB 15 thousands. LOL.


2. Now is the stage of model making for the final

  • A model of your design should be made and delivered to the Organizing Committee before 3 July according to the official announcement as written on the above screenshot.
  • Requirements of model: hard materials including but not limited to cast copper, stone, fiberglass, stainless steel, ceramics, 50-100 centimeters in height, as said in their invitation announcement in November 2017.
  • Postal Address: 
    Shandong Huayi Sculpture Art Corporation Limited
    Room 507/509, 5F, Weifang Cultural and Creative Industry Park 
    No.6787 East Jiankang Street, High-tech Zone, Weifang
    Shandong 261205 China
    Telephone: +86-18663668817
  •  Address in Chinese mandarin:
     261205 山东省潍坊市高新区健康东街6787号潍坊文化创意产业园5楼507/509室



  • I published it only for some artist friends here to get to know what is going on with this dragging and jagging competition not on behalf of the Organizer.
  • Please pay attention to one of their items as in following screentshot
    Sign agreement after publicity

“After the publicity period, if there is no opposition, the Organizing Committee of the Competition will notify the shortlisted authors in writing and sign relevant agreements.”

So still suggest listed artists contact the Organizer to make sure of your rights, responsibilities and profits before you begin burning money on models.




Update will be made on THIS blog post as immediately as I've got further information.

Where have carving companies gone at Xiamen Stone Fair?

Stone sculptor Haibo appeared at The 18th China Xiamen International Stone Fair this March, as a guest.

You may have noticed that Xiamen Stone Fair is becoming a stone tile-featured fair. These recent years almost carving companies prefered Nan’an Shuitou Fair and Hui’an Fair 2 hours drive north of Xiamen to display their products.


2017 the 12th China Xiamen Buddhist Items & Crafts (Autumn) Fair

The 12th China Xiamen International Buddhist Items & Crafts Fair ends today on Oct. 16, 2017 in beautiful city Xiamen across from Taiwan.

Below are some pictures of budda statues, pagodas, lamps & lanterns, incense burners, temple architecture and decoration made of granite and other stone material taken at the show.

e7acace58d81e4ba8ce5b18ae4b8ade59bbde58ea6e997a8e59bbde99985e4bd9be4ba8be794a8e59381e7a78be5ada3e5b195e8a788e4bc9a11.jpg2017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 12017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 22017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 32017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 42017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 52017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 62017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 72017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 112017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 14 太平洋第十二届中国厦门国际佛事用品(秋季)展览会4

2017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 21 haibo2017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 22 haibo2017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 23 haibo2017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 24 haibo2017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 25 haibo

#惠安石雕 第12届中国厦门国际佛事用品(秋季)展览会

Stone sculptor Haibo also contributes to these great photos.

Evan ZHANG Ya-ming

Media Reports about 2017 the 17th Xiamen Stone Fair

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Our sales manager of home business Chiang met President Trump at the 17th Xiamen Stone Fair, which takes place every March, with 9,300 booths this year.

Chiang & President Trump at 2017 Xiamen Stone Fair 20170307

Contact Evan if you are interested in more details about how to attend next year’s China Xiamen International Stone Fair as an exhibitor or just a visitor

The 17th China Stone Fair to open in Xiamen today

stonefair-weibo20170303The 17th China Xiamen International Stone Fair kicked off today 6th March, with 180,000㎡ Exhibit Space, 2,000+ enterprise exhibitors from 56 countries, and 150,000+ trade buyers from 154 countries & regions to be expected for the all 4 days, 30+ professional purchasing groups from France, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Iran, Japan, Korea, Cambodia and Thailand included

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Why Xiamen Stone Fair?



Click on the following links to know about the schedule: