Cute granite statues of little Chinese monks


All these granite figure statues of little Chinese monks were hand carved at our stone carving factory in southeast China’s Fujian province across from Taiwan. If you happen to stay around and like a personal look at how we made it feel free to write to Evan at or Skype ID: iStoneCarving.


My entry of “Hui An Stone Carving” for Baidu Encyclopedia

My entry of “Hui’an Stone Carving”for Baidu Baike Encyclopedia has passed the censorship.  #惠安石雕 百度百科

Sculptor Haibo carving a bowl in granite




20170311HB哥弟亲自动手过程You won’t hear Haibo’s name for 1st time if you are a frequent reader of this blog or my facebook or twitter. Haibo’s father and my father are very good friends so I have known him since he was a little kid. He loves music and arts and began his career as a stone carver when he finished his junior high school, and since has spent most of his time in Southeast China’s Yunnan Province in a village between beautiful Lijiang and Dali.

The above granite carved bowl is a recent work of his.

Click on this link on Youtube to watch it on video. 
And this.

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My Hometown Hui’an Hosted the 2nd Fujian Stone Carving Occupational Skills Contest

CHEN Shaodong, QIAN Weifeng and WANG Xiaobiao won the top three prizes in the 5-day-long 2nd Fujian Provincial Occupational Skills Contest in the category of stone carving, which kicked off on November 8 in my hometown Chongwu, Hui’an in southeast China.

# 福建省第二屆工藝品雕刻(石雕)職業技能競賽


One Day in Sculpture Village in Xi’an, China


One Day in “Sculpture Village” in Xi’an China


Some pics of our stone carving factory this summer

Take some pictures of our southeast China-based stone carving factory in this summer, hoping you will like it, and you are very welcome to pay it a personal visit whenever you are in Xiamen China Stone Fair, Nan’an Shuitou Stone Expo and any cities in mainland China.

Visit or for an enquiry feel free to contact Evan:

Phone: 0086-13696940690
Skype: iStoneCarving
WeChat: changidea
QQ: 1290355001

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China Xiamen International Buddhist Items & Crafts (Spring) Fair Ended today

China Xiamen International Buddhist Items & Crafts Fair 2016042125 中国厦门国际佛事用品(春季)展览会

China Xiamen International Buddhist Items & Crafts (Spring) Fair that opened this 21st ended today in east China’s coastal city Xiamen, 2 hours car drive from our architectural decoration stone carving factory in Hui’an, Quanzhou.

Xiamen Buddhist Items & Crafts Fair 20160421 TPY STONE6Xiamen Buddhist Items & Crafts Fair 20160421 TPY STONE8

Two of my friends attended this year’s Buddhist Items & Crafts Fair. The stone Buddhist stautes and pagoda on the above two pictures are made by my friend Mohua’s factory in Chongwu, Hui’an.

And the following drums are produced by Minghua’s factory in Haicang, Xiamen.

201209 Taipei Fair-Jomon2012Xiamen Fair-Jomon Drum1