Huian Stone Carving-themed Micro film “Art Keeper” premiered in my home southeast China’s Fujian


Inheritance of traditional Hui’an stone carving techniques themed short film “Art Keeper” premiered early this year in my hometown Hui’an, shot locally at Hundred Lions Park of Keshan Hill, Huian Carving Art Museum, Chongwu Stone Arts Expo Park, Hui-Chong Highway Stone Carving Long Corridor, and some known stone carving masters’ workshops  and factories in “Carving Town” Shanxia and Chongwu, where our company is located.


大部分剧中场景均设在“世界石雕之都”惠安In the end of the story the Son LIN Lei came back from his game production studio in metropotis Shanghai to work with his father the old carver LIN Chunsheng.


Click on the link on the official website of Fujian Daily news, also one of the producers, to watch this 26+ minutes movie to find those elements of the amazing handcrafts that was present in the list of Non-material Cultural Heritage of China in the year of 2006, and was awarded the name of “World Capital of Stone Caving” in 2015 by UNESCO World Crafts Council.


由惠安县文化体育新闻出版局、东南网联合出品 的微电影《守艺人》以#惠安石雕 技艺传承现状为背景,通过一户典型的惠安石雕艺人的家庭故事,反映新老两代人对传统技艺的坚持与看法,最终通过不同的方式合力守住这门传承千年的石雕技艺。影片在以“惠雕”为故事的主要发展线索中穿插“惠女”“惠建”等惠安“三惠”特色,地域特色文化浓厚。

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Last but not least, feel free to contact Evan ZHANG Ya-ming by email or WhatsApp at (0086) 13696940690 or Skype: istonecarving, and QQ: 1290355001, also WeChat: changidea, when you are in mainland China and want to pay a visit to our stone sculpture factory in southeast Fujian province across from Taiwan island.


“Huian Stone Carving” makes 4th MSREXPO, Quanzhou, China


Focusing on “the New Silk Road, the new cooperation, the new integration” The 4th China (Quanzhou) Maritime Silk Road International Brand Expo (MSREXPO 2018) came to a successful end today, which kicked off on 18th April in Quanzhou’s Shishi, one of China’s biggest town at making shoes and clothing, half an hour drive through a cross-sea bridge from our stone carving and architecture ornament products factory based in Chongwu, Hui’an.

As a world-known name card of our city Quanzhou, “Hui’an Stone Carving” as a whole appeared at this expo. Our exquisite craftsmanship, not surprisingly, caught the eye of professional purchasers and visitors from home and abroad again.


Interested to know more about our hand-carved stone products, you’re welcome to visit the official website of MSREXPO 2018, also other beautiful products ceramics made in De-hua, incense lore in Yong-chun, tea and rattan furniture in An-xi, intelligent manufacturing, tourism as an ancient but energetic city with 2000+ years history, etc.

    #惠安石雕 亮相第四届中国(泉州)海上丝绸之路国际品牌博览会

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Last but not least, feel free to contact Evan ZHANG Ya-ming by email or WhatsApp at (0086) 13696940690 or Skype: istonecarving, and QQ: 1290355001, also WeChat: changidea, when you are in mainland China and want to pay a visit to our stone sculpture factory in southeast Fujian province across from Taiwan island.

How come stone lantern appeared twice in 森海渡’s talent show The Brain

You won’t imagine what excitement and familiarity I had when I caught sight of the stone lantern twice in a 2-minute movie clip of introducing 森海渡 from University of Tokyo, known as Prince of IQ in 2016 Nihon No.1 King of Brain, who was challenging China’s YANG Yi, a post graduate of Tsinghua University, Beijing, for the title “King of the Brain” in 6th April’s The Brain, a scientific reality and talent show in China’s Nanking.最强大脑之燃烧吧大脑Super Brain-The Brain 2018-4-6国际赛最终战中日对决东京大学森海渡“最佳拼搏奖”

最强大脑 2018-4-6国际赛“IQ怪兽”森海渡1997年生东京大学法律系在读2016年《头脑王》8强

Figure 1 &2 are the screenshot of China’s television show “The Brain” Season 5 where Japan’s Prince of IQ 森海渡 reading before stone lantern.

Anteng Stone yard
Figure 3,4 and 5 are taken in our factory yard based in southeast China’s Huian county, the World Capital of Stone Carving.

Our carving factory has fabricated this specific kind of garden item for Japanese customers since 20 years ago. And those stone lanterns in the pictures have become part of our yard, not for sale.

I didn’t really know what it means to 森海渡, but for me, the stone lanterns give me peace of mind.Through them I communicate with nature and the sky.

Anteng Stone 35

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whenever you want an exquisitely-crafted stone lantern for your garden.

Anteng Stone 31 Office

圖1、圖2 :



HY 灯笼 201407125




#惠安石雕 20年前我們就開始為日本客戶製作石燈籠這種日本人鐘愛的園林裝飾物件,從1.5尺高到13尺高,春日灯篭、蘭渓灯篭、六角雪見灯篭、善導寺、十三重の塔、古代雪見灯篭、歓修寺灯篭、草屋、織部灯篭、天下茶屋灯篭,各種大小型石燈籠

Where have carving companies gone at Xiamen Stone Fair?

Stone sculptor Haibo appeared at The 18th China Xiamen International Stone Fair this March, as a guest.

You may have noticed that Xiamen Stone Fair is becoming a stone tile-featured fair. These recent years almost carving companies prefered Nan’an Shuitou Fair and Hui’an Fair 2 hours drive north of Xiamen to display their products.


2017 the 12th China Xiamen Buddhist Items & Crafts (Autumn) Fair

The 12th China Xiamen International Buddhist Items & Crafts Fair ends today on Oct. 16, 2017 in beautiful city Xiamen across from Taiwan.

Below are some pictures of budda statues, pagodas, lamps & lanterns, incense burners, temple architecture and decoration made of granite and other stone material taken at the show.

e7acace58d81e4ba8ce5b18ae4b8ade59bbde58ea6e997a8e59bbde99985e4bd9be4ba8be794a8e59381e7a78be5ada3e5b195e8a788e4bc9a11.jpg2017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 12017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 22017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 32017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 42017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 52017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 62017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 72017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 112017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 14 太平洋第十二届中国厦门国际佛事用品(秋季)展览会4

2017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 21 haibo2017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 22 haibo2017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 23 haibo2017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 24 haibo2017 Xiamen Buddha Fair 25 haibo

#惠安石雕 第12届中国厦门国际佛事用品(秋季)展览会

Stone sculptor Haibo also contributes to these great photos.

Evan ZHANG Ya-ming

Freight Train from my city Xiamen direct to Moscow runs today

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A freight train with 40 containers of granite, shoes, lighting supplies and artificial flowers left Xiamen this morning, the host city of every March’s China International Stone Fair and this year’s BRICKS Summit, and will arrive at Moscow in 14 days. The full trip takes 25 days by traditional multimodal sea/land transport.


Cute granite statues of little Chinese monks


All these granite figure statues of little Chinese monks were hand carved at our stone carving factory in southeast China’s Fujian province across from Taiwan. If you happen to stay around and like a personal look at how we made it feel free to write to Evan at or Skype ID: iStoneCarving.