Product & Service

Main Products, supplying globally:

1 Architectural Stone and Stone Carving, Sculpture

Hand-carved custom stone carving products, architectural stone, building stone, stone ornament, architecture decoration, architectural elements, 3-D stone sculptures, rock carving, monumental sculpture, public sculpture, home decor, animal statues, figure statues, relief carving panels, plaques, wall sculpture, water fountains, outdoor tables & benches, garden planters, flower pot, signage, address stone, crest, keystone, garden furniture, fireplace mantels, balustrades and guardrails, columns and cultural posts, dragon-carved pillar, door surrounds, window surrounds, Pai Lau, religious carving, religious statue, Buddha statue, stone incense burner, stone lamps, stone tower, Sheli Ta, stone pagoda for Buddhist relics, Buddhist shrine, stupa, stone balls, stone bridge, pavillion, gazebo,small carving, shadow carvings.

2 Tombstone, gravestone, sculpted headstone, cemetery marker, mausoleum, memorials and monuments of various styles and culptures, Japanese, Chinese, Middle East, European, America, etc.

Average Lead Time: 20 -60 days

Materials Available: Granite, Marble, Basalt, Limestone, Sandstone, Slate, and imported quarried stone.

Port of Loading: Xiamen


1 Fabricate maquette, small preliminary model for sculptors and artists attending stone sculpture exhibition and competition. We only charge some money for the cost of material, worker’s wage and freight, no profit.

2 We offer installation of our stone carving products globally if needed.

3 Historic architecture restoration and ancient style structure building in collaboration with architects.

4 Installation of wall curtain, stone veneer facade.




We’re very good at hand carving to your drawings, images,  photos, and even ideas, also to your budget in granite, marble and other natural stone materials in cooperation with artists, sculptors, designers, architects, builders, urban planners, contractors, stone product shops, also offer on-site installation.

Your enquiry will be answered within 2-3 business days and you will be kept updated by our sending digital photos of your order items for your confirmation in various stages of carving and production process.

43 statue of Huian maiden on half moon bay

The above images are just for you to have a rough idea of what we did.
For details and quotes please Contact Evan.

Hand-carved Stone Products from Quanzhou Xinkai Stone Co. Ltd., Hui’an, China

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