2019 China (Xiamen) Int’l Stone Fair Highlights

xiamen stone fair 2019三个数据

Couldn’t believe the China (Xiamen) International Stone Fair has walked through 19 years, which becomes stronger and a pleasant place sellers, buyers, architects, designers and friends in the stone industry came to meet.

Below are some pictures of the Fair at southeast China’s Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center by the Organizer.

Booth Setup 20190303 Outdoor 3

Booth Setup & Decoration

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WSC World Stone Congress

WSC 201903071

Some figures about this year’s China (xiamen) International Stone Fair:

  • 6 Exhibition Areas
  • 25 Exhibition Halls
  • Over 2,000 exhibitors from 57 countries and regions
  • 11 country-level exhibitor groups
  • 56 globe-known master architects
  • 50 forum sessions
  • 50 new products launch out here @xsf新品发布会2019 Launch out @XSF

Global Master Architects Forum 20190306 Huang Sheng-Yuan 3

The 10th Global Master Architects Forum


Press Conference - Squash the Rumor of Radiation in Stone 201903062

Press Conference: Squash the Rumor of Radiation in Stone

Hans-Dieter Hensel, Australia,Radiation and Radon in Natural Stone – Setting the Record Straight

Radiation and Radon in Natural Stone – Setting the Record Straight
by Hans-Dieter Hensel, Hensel Geosciences, Australia

Beauty of Stone Lifestyle - Defining the Uniqueness 201903072

Beauty of Stone Lifestyle: Defining the Uniqueness

Product Design with Natural Stone 201903076

Product Design with Natural Stone

Using Stone in Commercial Projects-Build up Cooperation with Architects 201903082

Using Stone in Commercial Projects: Build up Cooperation with Architects

Инновации в китайской камнеобработке. Новые возможности для стран СНГ by Xiamen Pagoda-Build 201903086

Инновации в китайской камнеобработке. Новые возможности для стран СНГ.      by Xiamen Pagoda-Build Co., Ltd

More photos from WSC

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Exhibitsstone infinite

exhibit 201903 bathroom designexhibit 201903 bullexhibit 201903 cabinetexhibit 201903 clockexhibit 201903 desk lampexhibit 201903 dinning roomexhibit 201903 hatexhibit 201903 vase flowerexhibit 201903 vaseexhibit highlight 2019034exhibit highlight 2019036exhibit highlight 20190313exhibit highlight 20190315exhibit highlight 20190317exhibit highlight 20190318exhibit highlight 20190322

stone design 201903 bathtubstone infinite & wsc 20190307 exhibit 4

More Exhibits

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Machinery & Tools

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Exhibitors & Visitors


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See you next March. 

And whenever you need help and assistance feel free to write to me


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One thought on “2019 China (Xiamen) Int’l Stone Fair Highlights

  1. According to the official WeChat aacount for Xiamen International Stone Fair, the next Fair, ie. the 20th China Xiamen International Stone Fair, will be rescheduled for a later date in March on the 16th to 19th.

    2020年#第二十届中国厦门国际石材展 改期至3月16日至19日。


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