Huian Stone Carving listed on 1st National Catalog of China’s Traditional Crafts Revitalization


Hui-an stone carving was seen on the 1st National Catalog of The Plan on Revitalizing China’s Traditional Crafts jointly issued by China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, together with Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.


383 items of 14 categories from all over China are included this time. And the other 5 traditional crafts listed of our city Quanzhou are bamboo rattan weaving, flower lantern fabrication, puppet head carving, ceramic firing, and Bodhi tea preparation.


The Plan was put forward to encourage practitioners, enterprises and institutions to develop and grow traditional crafts, introduce higher-quality materials and a modern management system to improve the design, production and quality of traditional products.



The above photo was taken at our carving workshop in Hui’an of southeast China’s Quanzhou.

P.S. Our city Quanzhou just ranks the 3rd place on top 100 Chinese prefecture-level cities published on May 26 guided by People’s Daily and China Council for Brand Development. #泉州位列2018中国城市品牌(地级市)综合分值第三

You are welcome to come and watch how we are making a statue off granite block by hand and chisel.


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