Carving Competitions in my home Hui’an in the remaining months

The longlist of 60 is announced and will compete for the1st Buddhist Culture Sculpture Creative Skills Competition of Fujian province in 3 categories of stone carving, wood carving, and ceramics from 13-19 October in my town of Chongwu, Hui’an, Quanzhou.

The 3rd National Stone-shadow Carving Creative Onsite Skills Competition will take place from 8-11 November at Huian Carving Art Park in my home town.

Feel free to contact Evan Chang when you’re around in southeast China’s Fujian province and have an interest in paying a visit to the events.

Phone: +86 136969 40690
Wechat: changidea
Skype: istonecarving

#第三届全国影雕创作现场技能大赛 #福建省首届佛文化雕塑创作技能大赛 #惠安石雕 #泉州欣楷石业有限公司 #福建安腾园林古建装饰有限公司 #惠安山兴石制品厂

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